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FAQ Escrow

FAQ Escrow

What does Escrow means?

Escrow means that goods and money will change hands at the same time. This provides security and comfort for the buyer and seller. The buyer pays the item when he won the auction to Once the buyer confirms he has received the item in good order we transfer the money to the seller.

I won an Auction!

What is different with this methode is that the payment goes in 2 steps. First you make a Deposit of the amount you own to the Seller. You can do this in the menu, Buy -> Deposit funds. Once you have done this you can go to the item you bought and click Fund Escrow for this item. That's it!

I received the item, what's next?

You have to go to, go to the item and click on release funds. The money is now transferred to the seller.


As a seller you will see the balance of your WhiskyTrader account increased with the value of the item you sold minus the commission of 10€. You can use this balance to buy an item on or you can Withdraw this amount to your bank account. This is done true the Accounting menu using the Withdraw option. You will need to have added your bank account details before we can wire the money to you.


You can find your invoices in the accounting page under Billing and Payments.

Tax Profiles

You do not need to complete the Tax profiles. While WhiskyTrader is a Dutch company. We pay Tax in the Netherlands which is always 21% over our commission